If you have ever received somebody’s Business Card and then later find that their their website, leaflets or advertisement doesn't match like the big boys,your impression of the company won't be the same as if it did and the same can be said about your company too.

Without consistency, there is a distinct possibility that your martketing efforts won't even be recognised as from the same company and a hinderance to the building of your brand and it's public awareness - This is where the band book comes in!

To ensure the biggest bang for your buck and optimum efficiency in building brand awareness, it is imperative ro get a brand book developed as soon as possible after the development of your logo. In this video above, I go thorugh in detail as to what the most lean of Brand Books should contain and the importance of each element.

If you have any quesions or feeback, please don't hesiitate to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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