There is a lot more to building a “successful” website than commissioning a firm to design it, spending a few extra pennies on SEO and then forgetting about it for another twelve months; there is a lot of ground work the is require before, during and after and it is an ongoing process.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is when we go through and ensure that all of the content is optimized to score as highly as possible for relevant searches on search engines such as google. However before we can do this, we need to research and define what the search terms will be and ensure that content is written for these search terms on specific pages as opposed to several pre-defined pages.

Without consistency, there is a distinct possibility that your martketing efforts won't even be recognised as from the same company and a hinderance to the building of your brand and it's public awareness - This is where the band book comes in!

It is therefore common that good SEO is likely to require the restructuring of the entire site and the rewriting of much of its content. There is also no guarantee that such SEO will guarantee top ranking for the best search queries; only the search engine themselves can guarantee this and it is a paid for service i.e. PPC

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it is the way you purchase advertising from the main search engines and social networking sites. Think of search engines as the phone book for the internet, SEO as the free listing i.e. classified advert and PPC as the more expensive display adverts.

PPC is much more efficient than that of the old phone books adverts however, as with the phone book you had to pay for the entire circulation of the book whether the home owner or business were interested in your products or services or not; with PPC, you only pay a nominal charge each time someone actually click on your advert. Paying for only those who are interested in your products i.e. genuine prospect is definitely an improvement from yesteryear.

How does Social Networking Work?

Social Networks are websites (such as LinkedIn and Facebook) that allows users / members to socialize with friends, family and colleagues over the internet; with millions of users and profile information made available to advertisers etc. you can target your niche audience at the click of a button. You can also create a page for your company providing useful information about your products, services and your industry itself thus building brand awareness; hopefully if you do a good job, they will of course remember you at the time they need your product or service.

Why is all this not included in the cost of the Website?

Internet Marketing should be a sub-element of your overall Marketing Strategy that you fully understand and roll-out in house. Since you will already have a sales division with a sales team etc. Once the internet marketing strategy is written, you should then work out who in your team should be delegated what and if they are too busy, you need to work out whether it is more efficient to employ another member of staff, or outsource it to another firm.

I can go through all the options with you to help you make a well informed decision; for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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