When will I need an E-commerce Solution ?

The moment you decide that you wish to sell online, then you are ready to choose an e-commerce platform that suits your needs; however knowing what to use from the get go, doesn't do away with the hard groundwork however before you know how to do it and how to market it!

Once you have answered a few questions, you’ be surprised just how easy it is to choose a solution.

Woo Commerce

If you only have a couple of hundred items and or already have a WordPress site, then Woo Commerce is for you; it has been designed as a plug-in to work with the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) as well as the fact that Designers and Developers have created thousands of ready-made themes that simply need re-branding with your identity.

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If you have more than a couple of hundred items and need plenty of functionality to help customers go through your product range, find what they want and recommend complimtary items, that you can’t go wrong with Magento.

Magento has two options, if you are on a budget, they have Community Edition; it is a little more work, but perfect for those on a budget. However, if you intend to make your e-commerce site an integral part of your business, then we have the Enterprise Edition; there are a few additional options, like a version that uses a cloud, but we’ll explain that in further detail when the time arises and we’ll tell you whether it is relevant.

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Portfolio & Testimonials

We have an extensive portfolio, but of course cannot show everything…

If you cannot find an example of what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask for some.

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