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Bought by eBay in 2011 for over $180m Magento has been growing from strength to strength with both their 100$ open source Community edition and their Enterprise Edition; sold off to a consortium of investors in later 2015, Magento was yet again under serious development and 2016 saw the release of their Magento 2 which is set to be the most popular and secure e-commerce platform yet.

This year, Magento has also launch their cloud server system which is 100% scalable upon demand to meet all demand regardless of provisions required including multiple location servers to ensure global demand can be met at all times.

How much does a Magento Solution Cost ?

The cost of a solution does of course depend on your requirements, however looking at a hypothetical scenario of a company with 100 products selling products predominantly to the UK and European Markets, using PayPal as the Payment Gateway , using Magento 2 Community Edition - but excluding Internet Marketing i.e. the bare bones, you are looking at a nominal free of just $5,000 all in.

Of course staff training is recommended, but I am delighted to say that this is ready available in video format at and in book form from the likes of Amazon.

Is Magento Enterprise worth it ?

For the most basic of solutions offered under Magento 2 Enterprise, you are looking at an investment of from $7,000; it has been proven that they Magento Enterprise version has a conversion rate into sales of 82, which is a full 10% higher than the average Community Edition or that of other e-commerce foundation platforms; it is therefore not difficult to see that the nominal difference of 2,000 is negligible compared to the value of additional sales for most companies.

With the launch of Magento cloud, I can see us recommending this heavily this year and due to the nature scalability being of paramount importance these days as company’s find their greatest growth coming from the internet – we expect to be transferring a lot of customers over to the cloud based system.

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